class AndroidCompatTimeZoneRegistry(base: TimeZoneRegistry) : TimeZoneRegistry

Wrapper around default TimeZoneRegistry that uses the Android name if a time zone has a different name in ical4j and Android.

This time zone registry is set as default registry for ical4android projects in resources/

For instance, if a time zone is known as "Europe/Kyiv" (with alias "Europe/Kiev") in ical4j and only "Europe/Kiev" in Android, this registry behaves like the default TimeZoneRegistryImpl, but the returned time zone for getTimeZone("Europe/Kiev") has an ID of "Europe/Kiev" and not "Europe/Kyiv".


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constructor(base: TimeZoneRegistry)


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class Factory : TimeZoneRegistryFactory


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open override fun clear()
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open override fun getTimeZone(id: String): TimeZone?

Gets the time zone for a given ID.

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open override fun register(p0: TimeZone)
open override fun register(p0: TimeZone, p1: Boolean)