Helpers to (de)serialize unknown properties as JSON to store it in an Android ExtendedProperty row.

Format: { propertyName, propertyValue, { param1Name: param1Value, ... } }, with the third array (parameters) being optional.


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Use this value for android.provider.CalendarContract.ExtendedProperties.NAME and org.dmfs.tasks.contract.TaskContract.Properties.MIMETYPE.

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const val MAX_UNKNOWN_PROPERTY_SIZE: Int = 25000

Recommended maximum size of properties for serialization. Won't be enforced by this class (should be checked by caller).

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val parameterFactorySupplier: List<ParameterFactory<out Parameter>>
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val propertyFactorySupplier: List<PropertyFactory<out Property>>


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fun fromJsonString(jsonString: String): Property

Deserializes a JSON string from an ExtendedProperty value to an ical4j property.

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fun toJsonString(prop: Property): String

Serializes an ical4j property to a JSON string that can be stored in an ExtendedProperty.